Stock N Roll was designed and built from the ground up to meet the needs of the largest construction companies in the world. Stock N Roll can provide the solution you need to control tool, equipment and consumable inventory. So whether you are a large or small company, when you are a looking for:

  • Complete Inventory Visibility and Utilization.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency and Return on Investment.
  • Greater Accountability, Safety and Regulatory Compliance.
  • Comprehensive and Flexible Reporting.
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction.

Stock N Roll can provide you the control you need. Click on the links to the left to check out more ways Stock N Roll can help you gain control.

Inventory Control

Stock N Roll establishes inventory control by allowing you to:

  • Track unlimited pieces of equipment.
  • Track unit-coded (serialized) assets.
  • Track bulk assets.
  • Track consumable and sale items.
  • Track equipment issues and returns.
  • Track kits and job boxes.
  • Track equipment transfers between units, job sites, warehouses and service centers.
  • Track lost or damaged equipment.
  • Offer signature-capture capability on all issues and returns.
  • Receive automatic outstanding inventory reports.

Operational Control

Stock N Roll establishes operational control by allowing you to:

  • Provide rapid bar code or RFID checkout/check-in of equipment (by outstanding or by piece of equipment)
  • Provide real-time outstanding report by employee/contractor at point of issue and return.
  • Provide rapid receipt of new equipment by requisition or PO.
  • Provide automatic asset number assignment for new equipment.
  • Establish automatic reorder points on all categories of equipment.
  • Support bar code label and ID tag printing.
  • Support keyboard, bar code or RFID-based data entry including OEM bar codes.
  • Provide extensive canned reports with export capabilities to MS Excel or other applications. Example reports:
    • Items, which are understocked or overstocked, based on asset utilization.
    • Outstanding tool issues, showing who has which assets and for how long.
    • Which employees are over-consuming non-returnable assets.
  • Offer end-customer web-based reporting (requires Centralized Stock N Roll solution).
  • Make use of multiple user-defined data fields to enable significant levels of customization.
  • Create user-defined operational reports with custom report writer.

Safety Control

Stock N Roll can be set up to track any of the following as informational only or to lock the item down until the appropriate requirement has been met:

  • Track equipment certification requirements.
  • Track personnel certifications including renewal dates.
  • Track equipment inspection requirements.
  • Track equipment calibration requirements.
  • Track equipment service requirements.
  • Use our mobile inspection module

Financial Control

Stock N Roll has an optional billing module which allows you to bill your customer (or internal department) in the following ways:

  • Issue-based billing.
  • Utilization-based billing.
  • Employee allowance-based charges.
  • Billing by individual, project, region, national or corporate.
  • Extensive Pre-Built Reports that can be exported to MS Excel or other system.

If needed, we can develop a custom billing solution for you.

Technical Control

Stock N Roll gives you many options:

  • Multiple Deployment Models
    • Standalone (network connectivity not required).
    • Client server (Local Area Network connectivity between clients required).
    • Centralized (Internet access required).
  • Continuity of Operations
    • Automatic backup of data.
    • User-definable database backups.
    • Cloud-based database backups (Internet connectivity required).
    • Automatic archiving of centralized databases.
  • Import/Export and Integration
    • Export data and reports to MS Excel or other business application(s).
    • Import of setup data (Item Master, Inventory, Employees/Contractors, etc.).
    • Integration to other systems with support for flat files, XML, SQL and/or web services.
    • Predefined SAP integration.
    • User-defined data fields to enable significant levels of customization without requiring programmatic modifications.
  • Security
    • User- or role-based security.
    • Screen-level security.
    • Field-level security.

If your job site doesn’t have Internet or network access, the most important option to remember is that Stock N Roll can run on your PC without a connection.