Stock N Roll may be deployed in a few different ways:

  • Standalone (network connectivity not required).
  • Centralized (Internet access required).
  • Client Server (Local Area Network connectivity between clients required).


  • Stock N Roll can be run in a standalone state, where each job site has a single PC capturing all tool issues and returns.
  • Standalone is especially important at job sites where network access is limited or non-existent, because Stock N Roll still works whether you can get an internet connection or not.


  • Stock N Roll also can be implemented with a centralized, hosted solution.
  • The good news with a centralized, hosted solution is that each of your job sites can continue to run in a standalone state, which is important for sites with limited/non-existent network or internet access.
  • But when you can get connectivity (perhaps on a daily or weekly basis by taking your laptop home with you), your standalone PC can upload its job site information to a central server containing data for all job sites, allowing the following:
    • Ability to offer internal reporting/visibility of all job sites to management/administrative users, with information aiding the transfer of assets among job sites rather than buying more.
    • Ability to offer web reporting to your customers.
    • Centralized backup for data across all your job sites.

Client Server

A less common deployment is our Client Server option, but if you have a local server which you want to connect to multiple PCs, Stock N Roll is tried-and-true for this deployment, too.


Stock N Roll is easy to use but is best implemented with training. Our classes range from 1 to 1.5 days, based upon class size and prior tool application experience. Per your preference, we can:

  • Train your trainers or your end users.
  • Conduct training at your site, our site or a third-party location.


Whenever you start something new, it’s nice to have someone with you who has done it before. We want your usage of Stock N Roll to be successful and a cost saver. We are happy to team up with you to get your project started, and will offer our implementation services for as long (or short) as you like.